I’ve got Sally at the Q cafe in interbay:-)


It’s been a challenging year, what, with Andrew’s demise and some tough decisions on what’s next for me. I have been terminally engaged by monster sized changes coming rapid fire like the relentlessness of software upgrades. Roll with the punches. They say, that which doesn’t kill makes you stronger, but […]

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Amanda with Andrew @ 8 or 9 yrs
When I first started working at the barn I was still in middle school and horses were my life. I was mesmerized by their beauty, strength, and most of all their personalities. I would have to say it was my 2nd or 3rd weekend working there when I met Drew. […]

Andrew by Amanda Soares

Eye Contact
What happens during eye contact? When Andrew and I made eye contact, something transpired between us. It always made me think of lightning feeders from clouds connecting with energy streamers from Earth. When that connection is made between two intelligent beings, a message is sent and received. But how to […]

Absolute Communication

27 March 2011 … Miriam, Andrew suddenly got old this winter, really old. He lost weight terribly, he’s not defending his position in the herd and more to the point, his food! Previously he was a fierce defender of his food, kicking holes in his stall walls to prove so! […]

The Knowing

Showbox line up
Andrew > Music it is Alive! It’s the only other thing I can sync to and get that intense interactive connection high I used to get from Andrew.  Kexp makes it easy to draw a multi-dimensional, endless hit streaming directly into my brain. From Andrew to Kexp is a good […]

Kexp.org: Connecting to Something Bigger Than a Horse

Andrew and I shared a connection akin to that which a singer has to her voice, an athlete to his body, or writers to their thoughts. We enjoyed a depth of communication and understanding that is preciously rare. He would finish my sentences and I could anticipate his desires before […]

My Friend, Andrew

Seattle Espresso sign
Once upon a time an evil Mall murdered and ate a celebrated Country Fair. After having gorged on the Fair, the Mall sucked the soul and heart out of the Town leaving it desolate and depressed. For years the Town’s despondency grew deeper despite the valiant efforts of the Town’s […]

Fairytale of Seattle {Espresso}